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Wednesday, 6 October 2010
Listing of certified pilots in California
It will come to your house land outfront and opened the door and invite you to buckle up. It will check your identity, as you swipe your credit card inside, once the credit card is verified by satellite and the GPS unit is set to your destination, it will fly away with you as the passenger. When will all this take place? Well, we have the technology now, but much of it still needs work it is not ready for the public until it is more safe, however as thousands and thousands of flight hours buildup with UAVs in military commercial use, we will begin in closer and some say by the year 2018 the first air taxis Listing of certified pilots in California will be available and shortly thereafter will run fully robotically. There has been much talk about this and those airlines with smaller hubs or multi-hubs and most like point to point did best in the recession and during the 9-11 downturn. The winners in the airline sector used point to point strategies to stay ahead of their competitors; Jet Blue and South West Airlines among the best examples of this. The advantages for the traveler are obvious: flexible 'on demand' scheduling, parking right next to the airstrip, and fewer problems with security. The expected reduction of red tape and fewer delays at small airports would significantly cut the amount of time wasted on a typical commercial airline trip. Who knows when and who will launch a terrorist attack? However if you are traveling by celebrity private jet, such a risk is greatly minimised as everyone on board is someone you know. Furthermore your jet is also in top working order with qualified, competent and experienced pilots at its helm.

Posted by listing83of8cer at 7:53 AM EDT

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